Virtual Virtual Reality


Viveport Review: Virtual Virtual Reality


Step into a whacky adventure in this comedic narrative about the future of humankind, AI, and virtual reality.


by Joshua Hawkins, Greenlit Content



To call Virtual Virtual Reality an interesting virtual reality experience is a bit of an understatement. The game handles the idea of a dark future well—humans replaced by AI as the dominant “species” on the planet—but never takes itself too seriously. It’s a fantastic little romp that leaves the door open for a multitude of experiments to take place, experiments that will no doubt leave your stomach sore from laughing.


One of the big features of Virtual Virtual Reality is the fact that the game contains over 50 unique experiences, each one broken down as a “job” that you the player—and resident human—must complete for various AI clients. It’s an interesting narrative point that works well within the game and begs the player to look deeper.


image_5_v1537463368.jpgVirtual Virtual Reality

If you happen to look below the surface, then that’s where you’ll find the big, underlying plot. According to a “group of humans” the AI—like Chaz your AI companion—have taken over the world, enslaving humankind and forcing them to work like animals to complete trivial tasks. It’s an interesting concept that works well alongside the normal flow of the game. As you progress further through the story, you’ll find yourself face to face with more of these revelations, and it’s up to you what you do with them.


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As far as the individual experiences go, Virtual Virtual Reality has a ton of different tasks for players complete, all nestled inside their own little virtual reality headsets. Place a headset over your face in the game and you’ll be transported to a new environment where you will need to complete tasks for different AI. During my time with the game, I completed tasks as simple as toasting bread and slapping it with a stick of butter, to more complex tasks like tending to a garden for a talking pinwheel and having to pot a freshly grown plant.


image_3_v1537463368.jpgVirtual Virtual Reality

Like the rest of the game, the experiences never take themselves too seriously, always offering a good bit of comedic gold in each one. However, you’ll want to be careful to complete your jobs on time and to the standards of the clients that hired you, otherwise you might find yourself dealing with some bad customer ratings.


Virtual Virtual Reality is a blast to play and is easily one of the most enjoyable Vive titles I’ve had a chance to dive into. It’s easy to get lost in the experiences that are available and the narrative that flows underneath it all promises a dark and telling world that you’ll need to experience for yourself. If you’re looking for something that is a bit off the cuff, but is still highly recommended, then I’m more than happy to point you in the direction of Virtual Virtual Reality, where you’ll find a plethora of different experiences waiting to blow your mind.


stars-5.pngFinal score: 5 out of 5

Virtual Virtual Reality is available on Viveport.

Looking forward to this one. I like the Portal vibe to it, but that it also looks like it is set in it's own unique world as well.
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Whenever I start up SteamVR I either get my headset isn't connected properly (which is fixed with a quick power cycle) or this more infuriating error. It consistently says Compositor not available (436) at the bottom but shows another error message of 'Shared IPC Compositor connect failed (306)'


I've struggled with error 400 in the past and every now and then my Vive turns on fine but 7/10 i'll have to mess around with it for an hour before it decides to work.