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We’re thrilled to announce that, in support of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, we are starting a $10 million program, VR for Impact, dedicated to showing how VR can lead to positive impact and change. We know that VR provides a tremendous opportunity to develop and share ideas in impactful ways that can lead to change, and through VR for Impact, we will fund and support content and technologies that create the most powerful experiences to transform our world.


The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Virtual Reality’s ability to immerse people into an experience is unmatched, and VR can drive the world to act on global issues the human race is facing. Through VR for Impact, we are committing $10 million to industry partners and content developers to create experiences that improve awareness, education, and lead to action.


“HTC is a pioneer in recognizing the work the UN has done to promote social change through virtual reality,” said Gabo Arora, Creator of the UN’s VR Initiative and Creative Advisor to the World Food Programme. “The Vive’s room-scale VR capability can be a powerful tool for immersive storytelling, education and training; their support will empower more people to effect global change, give voices to the most vulnerable and provide access to new possibilities for the most marginalized.”


“There are millions of untold stories in every crisis, especially on the front lines where much of our work takes place,” said Corinne Woods, Director of Communications for the United Nations World Food Programme, which is utilizing the latest innovations in VR.  “HTC’s support of new ways to tell important stories, and help in shaping innovation for the UN’s sustainable development agenda, will build on the impact of our work and take it in new and exciting directions.”


“The potential for Virtual Reality to help us learn, understand, and transform the world is limitless. VR for Impact is a challenge to the VR community and content developers across the globe to help drive awareness and to solve the biggest challenges of mankind,” said Cher Wang, Chairwoman and CEO, HTC. “HTC Vive will fund the best ideas using Virtual Reality that truly drive awareness and positive change in our world. We encourage all players in the VR ecosystem to join as only together can we drive real impact.”


Starting today, VR for Impact will be calling for ideas at its website: https://www.vr4impact.com. The first winning projects will be announced on “Earth Day” April 22, 2017.


On Thursday, January 19th at the United Nations WFP Tent, Vive will be demonstrating special VR experiences that allow participants to step inside the shoes of others as they face some of humanity’s biggest challenges and inspire you to see how storytelling, education and creativity of mankind can be reimagined.


Well, for one, you're going to have to email both of those companies to get any answers, which is something you didn't do here, and I doubt any of the people with those questions did because their email replies are pretty punctual. And, as for Sony, you don't just send a proposal. You go through the process to be accepted as a Playstation Partner, which is a month's long vetting process to get you into their program before they consider any actual pitch from you. Then, you shape your proposal around their GPP submission guidelines. So...good luck with that.


The way they did this didn't hurt them at all, because they're doing more for small studios than any other company in VR right now. The only ones angry are the ones who messed around until after the deadline on an initial submission that wasn't meant to be something that took weeks to put together. 


But, if you're so set on going to Oculus and Sony, then take that route and stop bringing negativity to something the Vive team is doing. Your post had no real objective or point, certainly not one that couldn't have been more productively impactful in a private email to the team who put it on.



I strongly oppose this sentence that you mentioned:


"The only ones angry are the ones who messed around until after the deadline on an initial submission that wasn't meant to be something that took weeks to put together. "


According to @Rockjaw:

"this should be seen as a business proposal, and the more you can give to support your application, the more likely we are to take it seriously"


It is natural that preparing professional business proposals could take weeks, specially for busy teams and busy devs.


In my opinioncan any person whose time is valuable will be angry with unscheduled programs and unprofessional event managemet.

If the business proposal was so important, maybe that would mean sending an email with your questions. Or, even just aksing them. You questions were answered. You're outraged on behalf of questions that weren't even yours not being answered.  My time is important, so I shot an email to the team and they quickly responded, as that's the method most questions are answered in situations such as this with any company.  Because, again, if you had asked them the deadline even in mid-February via email, you would have got an answer. They never said the forum was the place you would definitely get a question answered, nor is that usually the case with hardware companies.


There was over a month's time to put a proposal together. If a studio doesn't have the manpower to dedicate one or two bodies towards putting the initial pitch together for a couple days, then maybe that's a sign to the Vive team that they're not the most attractive partner. 


Like I said, nobody is keeping you on this forum, or attempting to publish on the Vive. This is all just negativity over something trivial. I've lurked this forum for awhile, and your name seems familiar for tip toeing across another intiative's deadline too. They're giving grants to small studios and you want to fill the forum with complaining because you don't think they went about it right. Write it down, send it in an email, and then move on to Sony if that's your perogative. I'm sure hundreds of devs were able to use the same press release to manage to get their proposals together in time.


Dear @Formula17Studios

It is your sentence:

"They never said the forum was the place you would definitely get a question answered, nor is that usually the case with hardware companies."


They always say the forum is where you should ask you questions in.


For eample please go here and read the page.


"If you have further questions, or want to engage in discussions around how to use VR to change the world, please visitour online community."


If you are responsible for the forum why you did not help those 11 members which I mentioned in my post who asked questions about this initiative and never received any answers? If you are not responsible for the forum please let @ViveportTeam or @Rockjaw answer me. Unfortunately I could not answer to your posts anymore and just want to receive an answer from viveport team.

So email the Viveport team like a regular person would do and stop filling the comment section of a blog post with this whining stuff. Not only is this a blog post, and doesn't even fall under the actual forum umbrella other than a link to the blog posts being there, but nowhere in that sentence does it say your question will definitely be answered or that this is the best place for questions to be answered.


No, you're actually complaining because you didn't ask questions, but somehow relied on redundant questions other people were asking. You didn't make any attempt outside of posting on this blog post to ask questions. Do you ever wonder why the "most recent posts" at the top of community doesn't include these comments? 


I have no affiliation with Vive other than being a prospective developer for the platform and VR enthusiast, but it's insanely clear that you screwed around on the dealine (not the first time you've done so) and then now think you can strong arm them into accepting your proposal late with, "I was waiting for answers to everyone else's questions," and "I'll just go to Oculus or Sony."  Where I do have an expertise is working with one of those companies, who for months didn't even have headsets to give customers or developers. But yeah, have fun when they tell you it's five figures for just the equipment to develop your project instead of handing out millions in grants to small studios.


Rockjaw has been answering PMs and questions on the actual forum all day it seems. Leave it to a "I was gonna" to bring some negativity into something awesome for the small studio scene because nobody held his hand through it.


Dear All, 

I was not able to get anywher detailed information about the contest, its rules and deadlines. Can anybody be so kind and give me some references. Probably it is to late so submit a proposal? 

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!


Hey @tus, I'm afraid we stopped taking proposals at the end of February. Apologies.


Hi Rockjaw, can you give those of us who applied an estimate of when you are going to decide about which projects you will support?



@ikonaut, we'll be reaching out to people later this month, I believe.


Thanks Rockjaw for the heads-up!

Hi @Rockjaw,


Honestly, we thought that the first submission through web form would have been about the ideas and did not submit much technical info about the project. Rather, we tried to express our excitement along with our ideas which could help VR to make an impact. We thought technical details could have been delivered in stage or phase two.

Since I have came back to the forum to check what others have asked and said, after reading that mockups, videos  etc... could have been a part of the submission, I have started to get a bit anxious and regretted that we have not submitted any of these. That's why I just want to drop a quick reminder that any further information -be it technical or related to our team etc...- would be gratefully delivered by us incase they will be needed and required.


Thank you,


@Ozan Yurdakul

8 - 20 lines would have kocked it out of the park AllHumanityGroup pictched their idea in 8 lines and I loved it. That kind of description is good enough to be considered. Frankly, if I remember, the submission process was all text. I don't think I could even embed a link anywhere unless you put it in text format.


So I wouldn't worry. Like @Rockjaw said "... the more developed and feasible the idea is (even if it's not prototyped or coded), the more likely it is to be seriously considered". So just cross your fingers and hope for the best.

I love the idea of using VR to help shed light on causes plaguing the world. My project WheresHarold will allow users to travel the world from the comfort of their home while having the opportunity to make a positive impact in the world by helping the people they meet virtually. www.WheresHarold.org veer.tv/vr/wheresharold would love feedback.
Hello. You announced the 'first tranche' in April. Can you say what the schedule is for future (public or private) announcements? Thanks
Hey @agentGav; we should have an announcement going out regarding VR for Impact projects quite soon. Stay tuned.

Hi Guys !!! How are you doing ... We are proud to announce the launching of our website http://embracethelifevr.com/ . We create interactive VR simulations and immersive learning scenarios based on specific real world locations that are challenging for wheelchair users. We believe it's a beginning of something important and useful and we will teach wheelchair users how to  successfully navigate the world. 

We'd love to hear what you think about it. Please have a look and find out who is behind our project, meet our fantastic team and discover more about Embrace The Life VR... I believe, we all together, supporting this project can have an impact and help millions of people to  Embrace The Life they have desiring. Think about that !!! and Thank YOU !!! 

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Couple of months ago we applied for vrforimpact initiative exactly with that project as a rabbitgamesstudio.com but time is going fast and we have been evoluating in a new start-up EbraceTheLife. We are looking to hear from you soon ether using our old application email artur@rabbitgamesstudio.com or a new one artur@embracethelifevr.com . Your support at this time can be critical for us so please contact us, we are very pleased to provide you with more information.


Thanks for vrforimpact initiative !


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