Announcing the VIVEPORT Developer Awards

Vive Staff

Dev_awards_hero_2MB.jpegAnnouncing the VIVEPORT Developer Awards


Making VR content is no easy task whether one is telling a story, capturing real life places and moments, creating art, enabling productivity, or revolutionizing retail. The developer community is driving VR innovation by creating inspiring experiences. The team at Viveport wants to recognize creators for their work and empower them to define the future of VR with the global Viveport Developer Awards.


The Viveport Developer Awards nominees and award winners will be honored for achieving pioneering VR experiences on the Viveport platform, demonstrating creativity and generating customer engagement, in the following VDA categories: 

  • EXPLORE: Titles that transport and transcend, taking us to places and times in ways never imagined before VR. Lifestyle and educational titles that enlighten and empower people to gain insight into the world or themselves.
  • CREATE: Titles that embrace creativity as well as tools for design and utility that transform our daily lives; inspire new forms of art or music, enable storytelling, and encourage productivity.
  • CONNECT: Titles that enable and appeal to the social side of VR life; helping people share experiences, communicate, network, keep informed, or ease collaboration.
  • EXPERIENCE: Titles that are innovations on storytelling or sharing 360-video and 2D video experiences; scripted or unscripted narratives, news to sports, animation to documentary, and virtual theaters for aggregators. 


In addition to our jury voting on nominees within these four categories, Viveport community members have the opportunity to vote on one of the nominees as their own VR favorite in our Community Choice award.


Titles published on Viveport from August 25, 2016 through midnight Pacific Time on November 30, 2016, are eligible for consideration, subject to the terms and conditions of the contest. For complete Official Rules, download the pdf below. Please visit frequently asked questions about the VDAs for more information. 


Official Rules, pdf download: 


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