Announcing our third group of VDA nominees!


Eight fantastic VR titles have already been announced as Viveport Developer Award (VDA) nominees, all potentially able to share in $500,000 worth of prizes. Today we're adding to that total with four more titles, all great examples of how you can explore worlds, create things, connect with friends and experience stories in VR, via Viveport.


The nominees are:



SurrealVR, by SurrealVR


firebird_VDA_Thumbnail_Banner.jpgFirebird: La PériFirebird - La Peri, by InnerspaceVR


(A note for anyone who picked up Firebird - La Peri in our launch sale: an initial language issue has been resolved. Update or re-download Firebird for the latest version.)


apollo11_VDA_Thumbnail_Banner.jpgApollo 11 VRApollo 11 VR, by Immersive VR Education Ltd.


fantastic_contraption_VDA_Thumbnail_Banner.jpgFantastic Contraption

Fantastic Contraption, by Northway Games


Congratulations to all of our nominees, and we wish you all the best of luck in the upcoming VDA finals!


If you haven't checked out these experiences on Viveport, click the links above to see them for yourself. We'd love to hear your comments and see your reviews - feel free to leave comments below.


Did you miss our previous nominees? Check out our first and second blog posts to see what other VR experiences have been nominated.


We'll see you in VR!

The Viveport Team



I have plan to submit my VR app on November 29th (1 day before the announced deadline). May I be sure that you consider my app for VDA?




Hi @JimJahan, as we cannot judge how many apps will be submitted before the 30th, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to process all submissions in time for the deadline. While you can submit on the 29th, the 30th is the deadline for the app to be live, and as such we'd advise you to get your app into submission as early as you can. 


Hello @Rockjaw, Thanks.

Would you kindly answer these 2 question:

  1. Is it a good idea to submit an earlier version sooner, then sumbit the complte one? suppose submitting one version on 27th, then submit another version on 29th.
  2. Do you process submissions on 26th and 27th of november (Sa and Su - weekend), or you do not process any item at weekends?




Hey @JimJahan,


I'd suggest you submit as early as you can with a fully working version of your app. We can't guarantee that submissions will be processed on the weekends, no.




Hi @Rockjaw,

Like many devs here, we worked hard for months to sucessfully publish a brand new experience on the Viveport before the deadline.

But now our Vive creative tool is in "pending review" status for more than a day and we're getting nervous :)

We really hope to participate in the Viveport Dev Awards.

Can you please let us know how long it usually takes to be reviewed these days?

I sent you a private message with our link to our submission.



Sent you a PM, @philmR. :)


Hello @Rockjaw

based on the pdf file of the contest rules

submissions must be uploaded to Viveport by November 30. at 11:59:59 PM PT ("Submission Period")

it is the exact phrase from the pdf file, and I have prepared my team to submit just before this deadline. but it seems that you are mentioning another deadline. would you please clarify. i think the rules are ambigious if the deadline for submission is not Nov. 30 11:59:59

Thank you



Hi @golnaz,

Following line in the pdf states:

"To be eligible for this Contest, participants must have published content on Viveport during the Submission Period."

In our case, AFAIU, our first app must be published to participate.


Hi @philmR,

Thanks for your comment. I know , but participants only submit the app. It is htc who actually publish the app and participants should know the deadline for submission not for something that is out of their control. Why a very precise time (with seconds) is determined for submission if it is not the actual submission deadline?

@philmR would you please let me know what was the answer for your good question about the time reviewing process takes?

Thank you


Stephen was great, he checked with review team, but they can't broadcast an exact timeframe, I guess because they expect many late applications.

Publishing is also a different date because it depends if they got problems while testing it.

So you guess my hint: Submit it ASAP!


Hey @golnaz, the wording is a little tricky but @philmR made it clearer (thank you). The submission period is as stated (and it's that exact because... well, lawyers) but as also stated, you need to be published during that time.


Our submission / content approvals team is working hard to review everything, but we cannot guarantee publication in the timeframe because of a number of factors including subject matter review, passing QA, etc. I am happy to check in on the status of review, but again, we can't guarantee. Submit ASAP, even if it's a 'v1', in my opinion.


(Also we certainly hope we'll continue the VDAs in future, so this might not be your final chance!)


Hi @Rockjaw,

Thanks for your answer. Still I strongly believe that the rules document should be far more clear to prevent misunderstanding and prevent loss of time and effort of participants.


Hi @Rockjaw,

Like other participants, our team tried their best to submit an exciting VR app before VDA submission deadline. In addition to months of hard work, we went on no sleep for about 28 hours straight before submitting the app, in order to provide a compelling immersive shopping experience for the users. We really hope that the Viveport team could review and publish the “Hill’s Native Art VR Shop” before the VDA deadline, so that we get a chance to participate in this wonderful competition.

I also sent you a duplicate of this post as a private message in case you missed reading it here before the deadline :)






We too worked like sweaty pizza-fueld devils to get the beautiful and ridiculous BRUSH UP VR ready in time for the November 30th deadline. Please be sure it gets through your system and  considered for the VDA!!


Thanks for everything and good luck to all competitors!!


Dov Jacobson - Brush Up Team Coordinator and Pizza Fetcher



@NavidBlitz@dov, message received. :) I can't guarantee anything (I don't run that team!) but I'll check in with the submissions team.


Hi @Rockjaw,

Thank you for considering our request. It is really appreciated! Please let them know we put a lot of work into this and we truly hope they publish it before the deadline :)