Vive Focus mesh edges flickering


Vive Focus mesh edges flickering

Hello, during our attempt to port a title that had shipped on gear VR to VIVE Focus, we've came across a problem we are unable to solve ourselves. We are experiencing flickering on edges of some static meshes. the "faulty" meshes are alright up close, but when placed relatively far from camera, the flicker appears. Attached are a video of that phenomenon and a picture outlining where does the phenomenon occur. Small horizontal lines are the artifacts of the video itself and not the problem we are struggling to eliminate. The title was shipped on UE 4.17, there everthing was fine, then it was upgraded to 4.20.3 and waveVR was integrated into project. Could downgrading engine to 4.20.0 help? Because the assets themselves where not altered between 4.17 and 4.20 It may be assumed to be a configuration issue? At this point various rendering config options were tried, but to no avail. Any kind of help would be appreciated.


Video_url (pwd: focus_flicker)



Re: Vive Focus mesh edges flickering


Please try with the new single pass rendering feature of Wave SDK 3.0.2 (and respective rom update) and let us know if this is still happening.