Recenter the HMD from code


Recenter the HMD from code

Is there a way to recenter the HMD during a game?


For other built in Unity VR applications I'm able to use



Is there something similar for the Wave SDK?

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Re: Recenter the HMD from code

Yes, there is similar API in Wave SDK called WVR_TriggerRecenter. You can check the detail usage from the document (use keyword "Recenter").

However, in order to provide better UX for consumer on Focus, our design philosophy is to bypass this related API calling from app and automatically controlled from system-wise for HMD and controller.


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Re: Recenter the HMD from code

Did you figure this out? I searched the documentation for recenter an didnt' find anything.


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@Tony PH Lin

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Re: Recenter the HMD from code

Hi @Tony,


In new update of SDK 2.1.0, there is a new API WVR_InAppRecenter for APP to make specific recenter within app. Note that the effect of re-center in app will be reset while the app is onPause.

You can find detail info. under the path:

Docs » Wave Native SDK » SDK Overview » WVR Device » WVR_InAppRecenter


In addition, WVR Device is the main interface to get the device state, tracking pose, user input, and battery status from the tracked devices. You should find all related info. here for reference.