Bowling Home VR - My little project for VR content on Focus platform


Re: Soon available. What you think about my spot?

Hi Tony,

really thank you for this constructive return.

I can gladly provide you with an apk file for testing internally and with your Bear Studios partners.

You will see during your test if you can easily take the ball to play (with the trigger pressed)

I wonder because when I take the ball and I hold the trigger down, at first it worked well but for a moment I have the impression that the sensitivity of the trigger is no longer well with the wear of the pressure on the plastic and the inner spring can be. it happens that my ball goes violently because the pressure is not done very well, I use for 2 months in an active way.

you will tell me if you have this problem with your controller. If so, I will have to think about another methodology.


I need to do other video for marketing / Communication with adult sure ! i will find a solution for do this.


i do this new website for the moment look :

could I have your agreement to use the items I made and have notice on the overall presentation. Can you ask who by right please. And if it is possible to do things in a concrete way that will motivate me more.

For the build APK, can you send me your private email address to send you a wetransfer ?

Good to you