SRWorks SDK updated to v0.8.0.2 !


SRWorks SDK updated to v0.8.0.2 !

Some notes based from release notes:  (release notes in docs download - note that it's 7 downloads now)


Added the options to initialize individual modules in the Unity inspector.  (check out the new AI module)




Add a new AI Vision module, recognizing ceiling, floor, wall, chair, table and bed, to have application understand your surroundings so as to seamlessly mix real and digital in a natural life style of interaction. 



 Added 3D segmentation with bounding box and annotation:




- Added New Chaperone sample: human detection chaperone running in the background as an overlay:





- Added  a Tile Drawer sample: place tiles on a specified plane and the effect of Depth Occlusion application.


Enhance Depth collider mesh with hole filling mode (default setting is enabled):



Please see the complete release notes and known issue(s) as well as all the latest downloads over at:


Adam Kane

Re: SRWorks SDK updated to v0.8.0.2 !



What version of Unity is the SRWorks Experience project most compatible with?


In a different project, I'm getting a ViveSR_API DLL not found exception, so I'm thinking to test that I can run a clean version of the experience project before digging deeper.





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Re: SRWorks SDK updated to v0.8.0.2 !

Try Unity 2018.2 and see if creating a new project to avoid any dll loading issues.