Use ViveInput when VR Supported is unchecked


Use ViveInput when VR Supported is unchecked


For very specific reasons, in our build we cannot check the "Virtual Reality Supported" checkbox in Unity's player settings. This apparently breaks the functionality of the Vive Input Utility, probably because no proper RayCaster is assigned to the EventSystem.

When VR is supported, the following objects are created at runtime:CapturaBorrar.JPG




I've added them manually to the hierarchy, but still, the EventSystem is not registering any events. I would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction in order to hook the events to the event system...



I added the Vive Raycaster, Physics Raycast Method, and Canvas Raycast Method to the gameobject that hold my controller. Now I do get hover events, but I do not get any click events.Captura_Borrar.JPG

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Re: Use ViveInput when VR Supported is unchecked

@sergiobd Sorry for the late reply. Did you try to add CanvasRaycastTarget to your Canvas gameObject? Please refer to the UGUI(Example 1), in the scene, Canvas gameObject needs to add CanvasRaycastTarget in order to receive raycaster and button event. Let me know if you run into more issues.