Use Controller Trigger Button on a Gaze Project


Use Controller Trigger Button on a Gaze Project

Hello, everyone,

I am working on an app, where the  reticle is used to validate actions.

I want to use the controller trigger button to access a menu, and I can't find a way to do a test to detect it.


For my project, I use the prefab WaveVr, into which I have slipped the prefab ReticlePointer.


I understood, by looking at the "Button_Test" scene in the examples, that I had to use the "Wave VR_Input Module Manager" script to test my trigger.

I choose Override System Settings, and I choose Controller, in Custom Onput Module, and it works.

The problem is that in my scene I don't use this script and as soon as I put this script, or this prefab, my ReticlePointer doesn't work anymore.


In Fact, I would like to be able to stay in Gaze and use the Controller's functions.


How to do this?
Thank you.


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Re: Use Controller Trigger Button on a Gaze Project

@ENODO Team It seems you are working on VIVE Focus/Focus Plus device?

Did you install VIU from Unity Asset store?


By using VIU, you can try following methods,


Set Vive Role to HMD


Set Vive Role to any hand of your controller