Role Binding


Role Binding

Hi, with a new empty project : i have this issue error when play scene.

i cannot use role binding.


ArgumentException: Cannot mapping invalid deviceIndex(0)
HTC.UnityPlugin.Vive.BindingInterface.BindingInterfaceRoleSetPanelController.RefreshRoleSelection () (at Assets/HTC.UnityPlugin/ViveInputUtility/Scripts/ViveRole/BindingInterface/BindingInterfaceRoleSetPanelController.cs:218) HTC.UnityPlugin.Vive.BindingInterface.BindingInterfaceRoleSetPanelController.Awake () (at Assets/HTC.UnityPlugin/ViveInputUtility/Scripts/ViveRole/BindingInterface/BindingInterfaceRoleSetPanelController.cs:50)

Question about vive tracker : i bought 6 vive Tracker in all for use it together with inpout pin mode interaction.

But for the moment when i use just one with input (pin mode) its ok and when i connect 2 vive tracker in the same scene, one receive pin communication by tracker but not others.

i have an impression we can use just 2 vive tracker for interac with them but not more !? is it allright

But for my project i have 2 extinguisher - 1 with one tracker and second with 2 tracker. but i need to have interaction with 3 trackers.


are we limited for use pin communication mode on multiple tracker ? please give us some information and documentation please.


Vive Staff

Re: Role Binding

What is your VIU and SteamVR plugin version?

Could you show me your SteamVR Input binding UI window settings for Vive Trackers?

You can refer to VIU Wiki page for reference.