Missing Oculus Go from VIU Settings

Vive Staff

Missing Oculus Go from VIU Settings

I imported your asset to my project and I tried to switch platform to OculusGo, but in the Edit>Preferences>VIU Settings>Supporting Device don't appear OculusGo.

Is there something I forgot to do?


Vive Staff

Re: Missing Oculus Go from VIU Settings

Could you try to update the code in below file path to see if your issue is resolved?


In Assets\HTC.UnityPlugin\ViveInputUtility\Scripts\Editor\VRPlatformSettings\OculusGoSettings.cs,

line 428,

return activeBuildTargetGroup == BuildTargetGroup.Android && VRModule.isOculusVRPluginDetected && PackageManagerHelper.IsPackageInList(OCULUS_ANDROID_PACKAGE_NAME);


Change Standalone to Android in the highlighted part.