GetActionOrigins error

Vive Staff

GetActionOrigins error

Hi, I'm an unity user.


I'm using ver2018.3.12f1 with HTC Vive Pro and have imported your asset 'Vive Input Utility'

If I play the example project such as 1.UGUI, 

I get tons of error such as "GetActionOrigins failed! action=/actions/htc_viu/in/viu_press_32 error=InvalidHandle" 

I tried to search for the same case in google, but couldn't find any. 


May I get some help?

I also attached the screen shot of the error..


Thank you.


Iccen Kim

Vive Staff

Re: GetActionOrigins error

There is missing htc_viu tab in SteamVR Input window.

User did not successfully apply VIU Action Set.

One quick fix to your issue, please follow the steps below,


  1. Uncheck VIVE in VIU Settings, then check again1.png
  1. Click on View Recommended Settings2.png
  1. Click Apply VIU Action Set…
  2. You will now see htc_vic action set generated in SteamVR Input window3.png