Vive Hand Tracking SDK Patch 0.8.0p1

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Vive Hand Tracking SDK Patch 0.8.0p1

Hi everyone,


We have released a new patch release v0.8.0p1 for Windows based on v0.8.0. This is not a full release, you should first download v0.8.0 and then apply the patch to replace aristo_interface.dll and aristo_interface.lib (only c++ and Unreal plugin need lib file).


This patch should solve some problem reported on the forum, we only recommend you to apply this patch if you are affected:

  1. Crash when using OpenGL render API in OpenVR (forum link)
  2. Very high CPU usage (forum link)
  3. Potential conflicts with SRWorks


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Re: Vive Hand Tracking SDK Patch 0.8.0p1

CPU issue appears improved, thank you.


However, my camera rig is attached to an animated object, and the hand tracking is very jerky, and doesn't move smoothly with the camera rig and animated parent. I tried with both the hand objects parented and unparented to the same animated object. Any advice? 

Vive Staff

Re: Vive Hand Tracking SDK Patch 0.8.0p1

Hi @ForensicDJS 


Currently in Unity plugin, we apply camera transform (the game object that GestureProvider script is attached to) to the detected result. The only difference is that, the transform is passed into native plugin, and the final result is returned a few frames later, thus making animated camera appear very strange.


Can you please check if apply camera transform in Unity makes it work better? An easy way to do so is attach GestureProvider script to a game object that is positioned at origin point (not moving), and you apply the transform of camera manually in Unity by modifying Update function of GestureProvider. You can edit all the points of LeftHand and RightHand at the end of Update function.


Re: Vive Hand Tracking SDK Patch 0.8.0p1

Hello @zzy ,


Thanks for sharing this patch. Now is possible to use handTrackSDK with SRWorks just configuring gesture provider in camera (eye) inside camera (eye offset) in any SRWorks see through example. But in my experiments, I experienced some initialization error popup that crashes unity, sometimes in my second run, sometimes in the first run, and now is working without problems.


The latency is about 0.5 seconds with OpenCL using only the GPU that is good for what I want to do. Now I'm writing an interface code to use hand coordinates to create a leap motion hand and use the interaction engine.


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