Detecting gestures


Detecting gestures

I'm running the sdk via my HTC Vive Pro and Unity (C#) . Everything seems to be working fine so far.
Now I just want to write a simple code that detects which of the five gestures was detected by the camera and then write it in the console. I just can't get it to work even though I feel like this should be an easy one.

Any help is much appreciated.


Vive Staff

Re: Detecting gestures

Hi @Zelda 


I think a simple scripts will do:


void Update() {
  // do nothing if results is not changed
  if (!GestureProvider.UpdatedInThisFrame) return;

  if (GestureProvider.LeftHand != null)
    Debug.Log("Left gesture is " + GestureProvider.LeftHand.gesture);
  if (GestureProvider.RightHand != null)
    Debug.Log("Right gesture is " + GestureProvider.RightHand.gesture);

You can also refer to our usage document or sample document for more usages.