VR for Impact: Summer Update


VR for Impact: Summer Update

(Note: the text here was sent out in email form to anyone who had previously registered a VR for Impact project. It's reproduced here for anyone who missed it. Some notes for context added below in [ ] ).

VR for Impact Summer update




It’s now been a little over six months since our initial call to action to help use VR to drive positive change in the real world. Today we have several updates to share with you about the evolution of our VR for Impact initiative as well as the status of our selection process.


We are currently in talks with all the teams that are considered finalists for the remainder of our Q3 2017 grant allocations. If your team has not been contacted by our staff as of this email, it unfortunately means that we are unable to fund your proposal directly at this point in time.


With that said, we’re happy to announce that we are adopting a community oriented framework that we hope will increase transparency and encourage collaboration between teams. These changes mean that the application process is now open-ended which enables us to provide assistance to a far greater number of developers.


When we started VR for Impact, we did so hoping that the proposals we’d receive would both challenge and inspire us. Reality exceeded our expectations and we are deeply thankful to everyone who shared their vision of how to create a better future. We recognize that due to the complex nature of a lot of the proposed projects, many candidates will benefit from a more inclusive and transparent process rooted in collaboration and cooperation.


To this end, we are turning to the community and implementing the following changes to help ensure that some of the inspiring ideas we received become a reality:


From today onward, VR for Impact applications will be accepted on a continuous basis [at vrforimpact.com]. If you have already submitted a proposal that has not received a funding offer, feel free to update us on your progress. We appreciate that ideas constantly evolve and we’re eager to hear how yours have matured since your initial proposal.


We are launching a dedicated VR for Impact community [this is it!] that we hope will promote grassroots collaboration and connect brilliant thinkers with the resources required to bring their projects to light. Through this forum you will be able to maintain constant communication with Vive staff as well as other developers who are focusing on impact content. We invite you to participate and encourage you to invite members of the nonprofit and humanitarian community so we can all benefit from their real-world experience. It is only through diversity of thought and experience that we can achieve tangible impact.


HTC Vive will remain dedicated towards giving a voice to those using experiential technology for humanitarian endeavors. To this end, we are committed to providing promotional and distribution support to help raise global awareness for VR projects that address topics that fall under UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Please join us on our new VR for Impact community to discuss your projects, provide feedback, and connect with other like-minded thinkers.


The "VR for Impact" Team