VR for Impact Community FAQ

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VR for Impact Community FAQ

Welcome to the VR for Impact community! Below you'll find an FAQ designed for new visitors:


Q: What is VR for Impact?

A: VR for Impact is Vive’s multiyear commitment to encourage the growth of platforms and content designed to positively impact the world via experiential technology. Modeled after the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, VR for Impact aims to connect teams with resources that allow their ideas to shape the landscape of the future.


Q: What is the VR for Impact Community?

A: The VR for Impact Community is a space for creators and humanitarians to connect, collaborate, and pool together knowledge and resources.  Within this community, you will be able to connect and engage with like-minded individuals and organizations from the global impact community. 


Q: Can anybody participate in the VR for Impact Community or is it limited to developers?

A: We encourage participation from all walks of life and experience levels. We ask that you help encourage the growth of this community by inviting your friends and collaborators to participate.


Q: How do I apply for the VR For Impact grant program?

A: Applications for our $10 million USD grant fund are accepted on a continual basis. If you have a project that you think has the potential to reshape the world, you can apply for a grant here.


Q: Besides the VR for Impact grant program, how else can Vive support my humanitarian-focused project?

A: Vive is committed to supporting projects working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. If you have a project that meets this criterion and are interested in receiving marketing and distribution support, please reach out to us. 


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I only have on question: 

If would submit a project, is it possible to update details later (pictures, etc.)?