VR Startup Needs Your Help

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VR Startup Needs Your Help

Hey Vive Community!

Looking for a startup that has time and space! A startup fellowship program, run by San Francisco Unified School District (CTE TEAM), is working with junior and senior highschoolers (who are recent immigrants!) to build a startup and give back to the community. 

Two students with a VR concept have need of a space for 6 weeks this summer after school lets out. We're looking for mentors as well! It's a cool idea and you'll benefit from public exposure to your brand through SFUSD. Time commitment is 16-20 hrs / week - in downtown San Francisco.


Do you know someone with a space - conference room, office, etc? Shoot me an email!
Want to mentor? Send me a note!


Thanks In Advance! We Appreciate it!



GOAT = acronym for Greatest Of All Time, often associated with Michael Jordan (#23) and 23 is the age when students usually being their "adult career"
G.O.A.T 23 is a paid "teenpreneur" fellowship program for recent immigrants who are Juniors/Seniors in high school. Student participants have been participating in a 10 week Biz Boot Camp and are now working on tweaking their business plans with a mentor teacher, in preparation for the City-wide San Francisco Business Pitch Night in May. 
VIRTUAL TEAM - HERMES - two students (Aisha Oliva, Kevin Cavich)
START-UP PITCH: Immigration often means that families are separated by a number of things; distance, politics and money. But technology can solve some of the pangs of separation - having contact with the one you love is nourishing and uplifting. Virtual reality can play a role in connecting families, and at costs that are far less than those related to travel. Hermes is a technology service that allows two or more people in different locations to have an immersive experience using virtual reality technology. 
We are currently looking for businesses who are willing to host a team (2-3 students) for six weeks (or part of), 16-20 hours per week, this summer from June 18th-July 27th. Any kind of space will do. We are also looking for mentors / tutors who can help the team by guiding them through the process of building a solid business plan and exploring the options that VR technology can provide.
My name is Ken White - working as an advocate for SFUSD. You can reach me at kenwhite@kenwhite.org, call or text my number above. If you have detailed questions or would like additional communication with SFUSD, please contact Annie Yalon, Work Based Learning Specialist and G.O.A.T 23 Program Manager, yalona@sfusd.edu or Bernadette Frias, Friasb@sfusd.edu