Shaping the VR4IMPACT ecosystem


Shaping the VR4IMPACT ecosystem

With Heroes & Friends we've built a platform for hundreds and soon thousands of social movements from every continent in the world. We empower them to built a bigger movement by reaching the friends of their friends who can then support with money, skills, stuff or their network. At the moment we are making two VR films about two different movements from Kenya. However, we would like to make at least 20 in the next year and ramp-up production after that with short films of about 10 minutes. Is there anyone else who has a full production house for VR Impact Films where people can act after they watch it?

We'll soon be launching Heroes & Friends TV to show the changemakers that are behind the change in the world. All of them are working on the SDGs and I'm interested to learn from you how you can play a role in this story, or how we can strengthen yours.


  1. Do you know of other parties that we should collaborate with?
  2. Is anyone interested to built the ecosystem of VR4IMPACT in the Netherlands?
  3. Which VR4IMPACT festivals are existing and can we organize one in the Netherlands?
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Re: Shaping the VR4IMPACT ecosystem

Hi @Michiel

If you PM me your email, I'd love to start a conversation about your project. 


Quick Answers:

1) Possibly

2) There are a few teams doing stuff in the Netherlands but it seems that Stockholm and Sweeden overall are increasingly differentiating as EU's center for impact technologies. 

3) ImpactVR is still pretty tight knit community - alot of it is tied to the film festival circut. GamesForChange is the next one. 

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