Outreach Project with Cosmic Web VR


Outreach Project with Cosmic Web VR

Hi Guys,


I am a PhD student in London, and I am planning on doing an outreach project which merges my research which involves N-Body Simulations of the Universe and VR. My plans were to make a program which rendered my data, and then allowed the user to mave around the data in 3 dimentions. This would then be able to be an educational progam to see the tructure of the Universe we live in.

I was wondering if there was someone I could get in touch with to get advice in the best methords and programs to create this, and also wether I would be able to borrow a headset maybe for testing!



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Re: Outreach Project with Cosmic Web VR

@Louis, I've PM'ed you. 

To reach Viveport's customer service team, email customerservice@viveport.com

To connect with a live support agent for hardware support, go to www.vive.com/support, click on "contact us" in the top righthand corner, and then opt to speak with a Live Chat agent

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