Interested in working with Vive


Interested in working with Vive

Dear Vive, 


Hi, my name is Rachel Louis, I'm a student at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia. I work in a new department on campus, the Shenandoah Center for Immersive Learning, or SCIL. We are a small VR/AR lab startup focused on making new content for the curriculums on our campus. We've done something for every department, from a re-imagining of Macbeth to being in the middle of a hectic emergency room, from a historical re-encactment of a Civil Rights sit-in to what happens when an active shooter is in a high school.


We use the HTC Vives on a daily basis, often to showcase the 360 videos that are written and produced here on our campus by students using Vive Video. I see that your VR for Impact page is currently closed to new ideas, but we at SCIL were wondering if you'd be interested in collaborating on a project with us. I'd be happy to send you the 360 videos we've already created if you're interested. 


Let us know! 

Rachel from SCIL