Environmental experience from TakeLeap


Environmental experience from TakeLeap

I was lucky enough to visit the offices of a award winning VR/AR/AI company TakeLeap today. They are based here in Dubai and have worked with a number of departments of the government and some big companies to develop bespoke products for them.


I was particularly impressed with some environmentally focused content they have developed with the Dubai Ministry of Climate Change and Environment. One experience on the Vive was a game for kids to pick up different types of rubbish and choose which type of bin to throw it in depending on the nature of the item (recycle/food/reuse etc)


Here's a video of it in action:



I have encouraged them to join this group as I think they could really contrinute to the VR for Impoact program. 


You can find out more about them here: http://takeleap.com/virtual-reality/


Students using VR are more engaged and eager to learn." Takeleap is proud to have worked with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment on various occasions, to enhance the learning experience and help students engage with the content. Call us at +97144224858 or visit our website ...