CMC coding club is learning vr, funding for extra hardware is not likely.

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CMC coding club is learning vr, funding for extra hardware is not likely.

Greatings, i am the equipment handler for the CMC codeing club. i am not directly involved in the club, and i only handle the vr equipment, setting up, terring down, and keeping the programes updated. i know that we are using the HTC Vive, the kids range from elemintry to highschool, and i think we are programing in unreal. the kids get access to the system once every 3/4 weeks to test thair program fo 5 minits each.

the chances of us getting funding for more/updated equipment is slim, and even if we do get the funding, it will take almost 2 years from the time we submit the request.

i am not asking for funding.  im just saying it would be nice to thet them lirn to program with a tracker or 2, the new controlers when they come out, maybe the vr compadable keybord that logitec is making.

i only handle the hardware. equipment donatitions would be sent to me and i would tell the club about the new equipment that they can program for. thair will not be any paperwork on this. i know this sounds shady, but this is the easiest way for me to get the equipment into the hands of the programers of tomorrow. 

im not saying you can't figure out who to talk to for officially donating to the CMC codeing  club. if you are intrested in donateting funding, or geting a paper trail, contact me and i will see if i can find out who you need to talk to. if you want to take the shortcut and get the equipment directly int the hand of tomorrows programers also let me know. 

you can email me at