vive pro controller blinking red


vive pro controller blinking red


I have Vive Pro kit with no warranty. One Vive Pro controller is blinking red after turning-on. I charged it for 3 hours using original charger but it still blinking red and SteamVR can`t initialize it. I did reset (press and hold all buttons while connected to PC thru USB) but it didn`t helped. 

The battery itself is fully charged (confirmed in local HW Service) but they don`t know why it`s still blinking.


Could you please advise what are the next steps? Thanks in advance !


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Re: vive pro controller blinking red



A red blinking error on the controller either means there's a critical error or the battery is dead (or has failed). Unless SteamVR is giving you a more specific error code that leads you to a specific troubleshooting step, the unit will need to be physically inspected/repaired.


If you have a Vive Pro full kit - the controller should still be under manufacturer's warranty. In most regions, the warranty is ~1 year so all Pro hardware that's been sold to date is still within the warranty period. You'd basically contact our hardware support live chat and tell them you have a failed controller on your hands and need a controller RMA. They'll likely request your serial number's HMD or a proof of purchase/order number for the kit so they can pull up your warranty status. 


The fastest way to receive support for a Vive hardware product is via our live-chat. To speak to a live support agent:

  • Navigate to
  • Click "contact us" in the top right-hand corner of the navigation bar
  • Opt to connect with a live-agent by selecting "begin live chat" on the subsequent page


To reach Viveport's customer service team, email

To connect with a live support agent for hardware support, go to, click on "contact us" in the top righthand corner, and then opt to speak with a Live Chat agent

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Re: vive pro controller blinking red

Thanks for your reply.

As I mentioned earlier - battery is fine and charged. The charging controller is fine as well. I have a feeling that it`s some kind of firmware issue. Could you please provide me some tool to connect controller thru USB and update the firmware? I saw something like that in other threads here.

I`m located in Ukraine and there is no official Service so it`s the only way FMPOV ... Thanks in advance!