steam bootstrapper crashes when i open steam VR


steam bootstrapper crashes when i open steam VR

EDIT: NOPE it did not fix it - it was not viveport...sorry. I still have the same problem. help! please!


initial adopter vive user here - ......i move my computer to a new flat. Reconnect everything. when i open steam VR, it crashes the steam client. WHy. Why. Why why why. 

Video below showing exactly what happens.


things i've tried:

reinstalling everything - steam, steam VR, vive drivers, connecting vive in different USB, removing vive drivers and reinstalling, updating windows to most current, updating GPU drivers. 


It still does it. Why. Why would it suddenly now start doing this. So SO ANNOYING. Sometimes i want to chuck this thing into the river. 


PC: MSI x99 gaming 7, 5820k i7, gtx 1070.  Its not my system..