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Hi all. We bought 2 helmets at the official website of HTC Vive https://www.vive.com/ru/ at different times (November 2016, January 2017), 2 helmets bought on sale, timed to the anniversary of Vive, https://www.dns-shop.ru/ in April 2017. Had the opportunity to preclude problems PC, location (transferred the system to another room), wires, reinstalled Windiws and Steam vr... the problem with the grey screen persisted after the inclusion of 20 minutes. It's hot 32-34 degrees Celsius. Then we decided to experiment. The cold air stream helmet cooled, and the image appeared in the position of the head in which included a gray screen. Then he sent a jet of hot air on the helmet, and the image began to fade into a gray screen. Now cooled helmet, but this treatment lasts for 10-15 minutes. The problems started from the beginning of June, the number 6 to 8, when we have established very hot weather. Very interesting, are the owners of the HTC Vive this problem with a gray screen right now who is in the room air and the temperature to a comfortable 24 degrees Celsius?

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similar branch deliberations in group HTC Vive https://vk.com/topic-71174511_34158582?offset=720 for Russian-speaking


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I totally agree with Echeva.
HTS Vive is a very cool thing and he has great prospects. But unfortunately for today though I am its owner, I can not experience pleasure, as gray flickers do not give me fun and enjoy. I ask Vive's team to pay more attention and power to this problem and to solve it in the shortest possible time, possibly with the help of Steam.
I (i think "we") try help you by testing on the own situation.

@echeva wrote:

IMHO it seems more related to Temperature than to SteamVR.


Testing this should be really easy for HTC. It is true that we, final users, can help with the whole diversity of factors which may have influence: ddrivers, hardware... BUT, testing temperature conditions is something that HTC should do. 


We, some users, may be happy to do some tests, but testing environment should be HTC responsibility.


I don't really think it is so difficult for a company like HTC to get a bunch of testing helmets and try them monitoring the helmet temperature under different environment temperatures. In a couple of days we may have relevant results. 


Is HTC studying this problem, besides VIVE staff in this forum? Because VIVE staff here are doing their best, but that is not their job and I imagine they don't have necesary means.


Dear VIVE staff: may you please update us about whether and how is HTC dealing with this problem? I really think it should be studied and solved before yourTube and other social networks start getting more and more videos or posts and so damaging the VIVE brand.



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There is an interesting way to temporary fix it in Russian forum.
Firstly , when the gray flashing start, you need to find the sensor, which overheated by closing one sensor after one, till the gray flashing over. After you find bad sensor, you must cover it by something (adhesive tape for example). that's all. People said, that with this lifehack you'll have some add time to play Vive :)
But, nevertheless, it terrible, that we have to do the things like this, to use so expensive gadget in almost normal way.

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I have been following this threads for some time and it looks like there are more people with this exact problem
Loss of tracking in my case starts after 30-40min. First few jumpes if I turn in a specific direction, after next 10-40min it is completely unplayable.
This are my info to compare:

1) Manufacture date: 11/2016 (3-in-1 cable). Bought through vive.com and shipped from the Netherlands(to Poland).
2) Everything worked fine until ~15 June. I switched from the RX 480 to GTX 1080 with 1 mount brake between change.
3) Same as other cases: usually more than 25*C conditions, faceplate is very warm and if you cover some sensors in this area, "flashing" mostly stops(for a while).
4) You can cover some sensors that are responsible for errors(?), but more of them start to fail with time.
5) ---


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you describe exactly the problem that i have, i just bought a H60 water cooling, thinking that was the increase of the cpu temperature, but its just the same problem.


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i do the same @Vildan i cover this sensors and continue playing for like 10 minutes


vive.PNGsensors overheating

then other sensors start failing and starts blinking on grey screen, making a real headache


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1) Cannot find manufacture time, but my SN is: FA66GJJ02046 2016. On the 3in1 cover there is a very small print which says 160511B 0 74H... (I can't read it). maybe date is 11 May 2016? Model OPJT100. I bought in on August 23rd 2016 directly from HTC VIVE web site Europe.


2) The EXACT date I had the problem for the 1st time was MARCH 21, 2017. I do Know it because steam has registered the last time I played the game I was playing (Roomscale Tower) when the problem firts appeared. This makes the May SW update as culprit unlikely. 


3) Although it was March, Room Temperature was 28C (air conditioned controlled to 28C). I was sweating, as I was playing Roomscale Tower. I don't know the headset Temp. but I remember I was hot, due to phyical exercise needed by the game.


4) Any workarounds you find that alleviates the issue, even if it's impractical: I am not sure, but I think after aligning very very accurately the base stations, the problem takes longer to appear. And the blind area gets longer to increase size. In the end tracking is lost anyway. I have also noticed, when blocking some sensors traking returns. But I do not know what sensors are, just tried shadowing IR rays with my hand.


5) Other threads:





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Mine is 2016/09. I don't think there is anything special to add. It seems that all the guys here with the same problem, described already everything. So ... tha ball is in you HTC.  Please try to solve this quickly. I imagine you should have already escalated the problem loud enough, and a lot of tech guys are trying to solve it. At least that's what I hope :D 



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Hi back after a day of testing.

I got access to an empty flat, I ordered construction poles and photography mounts and set out to create the optimal play area. It was also noticably cooler today (25 degreescelsius).

At the new location everything worked without a problem for several hours(around 5 hours). So I came home and modified my setup.

I changed the base station locations and used the same mounting poles to get them near the ceiling looking down. I used different corners in the room to get around any outside interference.

At first everything seemed fine than some grey screen appeared but way less then before and not at all in games that use room scale or standing.

Then I switched my office chair (with metal parts) for a diferrent one (only made out of plastics) and suddelyall greyscreens disappeared.


I only have 1 little problem left. every minute or so there is a very small wobble noticable on menu screens in VR (it could be an unrelated think will have to kepp an eye on it). It is possible that the temeprature change played a part in all ofthis but I really dont know for sure.

Before I had the same flashing greyscreen that gor worse over time, and covereing those to sensors did help. For now itsworkinghere, but Ill keep aneye on it.

I have a veryfar fetched theory about a possible cause based on an error I had with a simulation software I was working on some years ago: Maybe heat , interference and other outside factors cause a very small inaccuracy in the reported values of theaffected sensora that add up over time and cause a worsening effect that way, and covering them up resets them becuase they are shortly blinded but the other sensors keep adding up the same positional mistakes until tracking is lost again ( I hope I am clear enough english is not my first language). If something like this is true than the error caused byheat is not real damage just an unexpected calculation error and could be fixed by software.


Vive Staff

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Hi all, thanks for the information! Keep it coming in, please!!! Is anybody whose experiencing this issues on a setup with an AMD graphics card or are they all Nvidia cards? I can't seem to find any reports of this happening on AMD cards and have seen a few loose threads out there saying that downgrading the Nvidia driver helped certain users facing similar issues. 

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Mine is nVidia GTX 1080


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Well, dawg gone it, my party's over.


I was successful last night attending theWaveVR party and got a couple good, immersive hours in without grey-screen interruption and left of my choosing rather than being forced out by a grey-out. Coupling that with the previous 24 hours of relative success, which I was attributing to the SteamVR client beta code, this morning I decided to put my base station back to its original location where it worked well almost 5 months.


It didn't immediately mess up but it did. Unfortunately, more than one variable was changed.


It also heated up today, reulting in the AC kicking in and me being a bit hotter headed than the past couple days.


There was also a SteamVR client update installed today. Maybe it negated whatever change I was attributing to the beta code, or maybe I was incorrect.


I had never paid any attention to the HMD temperature prior to today, though I've seen you all posting about it. Is it supposed to be warm to the touch? Mine is. According to my infra-red laser-guided digital thermometer (that sounds funny but it's true) my HMD has a lot of areas over 35ºC. I had about 37.8º right about where my left eye would be, alot of territory around 35º-36º, mainly to the left, the the outskirts of the HMD were more like 27ºC and most of the right side in the 33º - 34º range.


Sometimes it seemed like individual sensors were warmer. I was trying to cover them up when things greyed out. Sometimes it worked, other times not, or maybe I just wasn't messing with the right ones.


In any case, my grey-outs are definitely back.


Oh yeah, my video is a Zotac implementation of a Nvidea GTX 1080.


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I have Asus 1070 dual OC

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When a gray screen appears, I cover the TV and the chrome door handles. This removes the gray screen when helmet directions in the corner. But when you look at your feet (the helmet turns straight down) it still flashes in gray. I think like DevilDusk, when the helmet reaches a certain temperature, its sensitivity to signals changes and no significant interference causes the loss of tracking.


My PC: i7 4770, GTX 1080, Win10

views from both lighthouses:

*Objects marked in blue on the pictures were covered while using the Vive