error 208


error 208

I have tried mostly all solutions currently available for this error 208. Any comments from the Staff on what to try or should I just quit with it and get refund?



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Re: error 208


Have you been able to get the Vive to run without issues before or has it always been 208? We'd need basic info to   attempt to help (OS, GPU, and possibly motherboard).


What color is the light on the side of the HMD during this issue? 


Things to try:

  • Bypass the linkbox's HDMI and USB connections and plug the HMD's 3-in-1 directly into the computer. Leave power connected via the linkbox.
  • Making sure that you are not plugging the Vive's HMDI cable into any sort of adapter such as a DVI->HDMI adapter as this could break HDCP.
  • Ensuring that the Vive's 3-in-1 cable is fully seated on the HMD side. 
    • This video shows how to remove the compartment cover
  • Unplug any secondary monitors. You should try having only the Vive and your primary monitor connected.
    • In some cases, powercylcing affects display assignment. You should try powering on the PC with your Vive disconnected and then connect it after booting into windows to eliminate this as a cause. 
  • Verify that the devices are detected within the USB page of SteamVR. 
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Vive's drivers within SteamVR. Unplug the Vive and reboot your computer, log in, and plug the Vive's cables into the PC when Steam is not running. The device should automatically reinstall the drivers.
  •  USB1.pngSteamVR-USB-Devices.png
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Re: error 208

Good luck getting a refund ... I jumped thorugh all the hoops and was unsuccessful at getting anything working. When it came to getting a refund I was told they could only put the money in my vive wallet.


Now how am I supposed to use that money in my vive wallet on games I cant even download.  >_< GG Vive. Thank God for steam.