Wireless adapter incompatible with RYZEN cpus

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Its time to begin returning your units people. They're not likely to fix this anytime soon. Absolute disgrace. Scam is the only word for it. 42e1e6fad0a18726b9d846a06c4317ad


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I'm beginning my return process. This is unbelievable that they shipped this out without knowing that there would be such a huge issue such as this.


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@graysame wrote:

I'm beginning my return process. This is unbelievable that they shipped this out without knowing that there would be such a huge issue such as this.

And not only that, but they are STILL accepting purchases with ZERO official warning or notice that this may be an issue for Ryzen owners.  Pathetic.  Not that it will change anything but I have already sent in a complaint with the FTC about this and I urge others in the US to do the same.  This entire situation has been incredibly deceptive from the beginning and like many others have said, very unlikely they were not aware of this issue before release.




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Thank you for that link. I reported them to the FTC.

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Will be reporting them as well thank you


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I of course bought from gamestop after HTC "accidentally" canceled my preorder, as far as I know Gamestop has a 7 day return policy meaning Im screwed.


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@Grant112 Sorry for the late response.. I'm still running on bios ver. 4018.. haven't updated to the latest one yet..

Everything is still working great on my ryzen 2700x system.. bought a few more games and so far have tested 18 games without a single hiccup.. between me and my roommate we have logged over 50 hours of play time with the wireless adapter since receiving it.

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@GlueBreatg Could you share exactly what Mobo youre using, sorry its been buried within all these other posts, and im so fed up with this im probably just gonna upgrade so i can play.


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Greetings all, I seem to have also have a potential underclocking Success story. Credit goes to @colonelpanicked.

EDIT: While everything was working smoothly last night I cannot get it to start stable again. FeelsBadMan.PNG.

Nevertheless my original post remains below here. Too bad, I loved that free feeling :[

Disclaimer: I have not extensively tested this. This testing took place in a period of approx 2.20 Hrs. Prior to this however, my PC would lock up or BSOD as soon as I turned on the Vive wands. Still needs further testing but the diffference was major.

First my buid:

Win 10 1803

Ryzen 7 2700x @3.7 Ghz

32GB Trident Z RGB Rated at 3200 Mhz, default is 21xx, Set to 2400Mhz(this matters later)

Gigabyte x470 Aorus 7 Wifi Motheboard BIOS Ver F5


NVDIA RTX 2080 Founders Factory OCd (?) (Whatever, it's stock)

EVGA GTX 1070 SC Factory OCd

5 Monitors (hence why 2 non SLI video cards).

HTC Vive wireless expansion card, placed in a 1x PCIe 2.0 slot.

Initially I tried doublechecking my timings and used some calculator to help that. Horrible idea, thought my system was FUBR'd

After a few CMOS clearings I decided to touch nothing else except CPU and Ram clock speeds, not even voltages. I also lowered my CPU to 3.5 Ghz and RAM to 2400 Mhz. Success! I was able to run beat saber with zero lag and crash for about 20 mins. I tried to switch game and I got the error stating I was plugged into the wrong video card.... I was plugged into none >.> (Pc case open, almost everything disconnected during troubleshoot of my RAM fiasco)

Ok.. Plug the link box HDMI in to the RTX card, restart everything. Still working! no crashes, but any game except beat saber wouldnt launch.. what gives?. I checked steam VR and for some reason it was choosing my 1070 as the GPU for VR. I plugged into the 1070 and rebooted. No dice. Only way to solve the issue was to disable the 1070 via Device manager and drive on. Worked with all games, zero issues for approx 2 hours! (time for bed now, can't test much more).

The CPU and RAM clocks:

I decided to play around with my settings alot, at the end of the day, I cleared CMOS once more, all of bios was verified to be at default settings. Now, without XMP my ram goes to 21xx MHz. I do not know the science behind it. All I know is 21XX is too low, and 3200 was too high. I set it to EXACTLY 2400 MHz asI did before but noticed the CPU still self overclocked to 4.0 GHz last time so I left the CPU at 3.7 GHz in bios. Adittionally I did not force any PCIe 3.0 standards in bios, again everything except ram at 2400 was left alone!.

It works!***.

(I have yet to conduct long term testing but everythign seemed smooth and stable!. So long as I disabled my second Video card I was good to go without the error of wrong GPU. )

Games played and some notes:

Beat Saber - worked without link box even being on HDMI.

Once on HDMI with other GPU disabled:

VRChat - Verified my external USB microphone worked fine.

Stand out - No noticeable latency added, was landing shots as good as my controller tracking allowed me to. Games won GG

Onward - This game was not fully ran. It was ran in the earlier part of testing where I got to the menus while I still had my 2 GPUs enabled and the system did lock up here. Once the second GPU was disabled I had the best luck with the other titles but full discression I forgot to return to this one as I rarely play it now.

Hope this helps in the search for errors. I will continue messing with it as enabling and disabling my second GPU is a work around at best but definitely hinders my experience as I loose 4/5 of my monitors, Will be migrating 2 of them to the RTX card so I can still have 3 while in VR. (Have discord, OBS, and CAM loaded to monitor whenever headset comes off)


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@Jack Hammer wrote:

There was some kind of an update to Steam VR today, and my headset works perfectly now.


Anyone else experience this???

You know, I didn't even realize there was a Steam VR update, but that is about the time mine stopped crashing, too.  It's been working great for about a week.

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To those who purchased via Gamestop online you can return it. The posted return policy is very confusing but after looking into it deeper it clearly states that new accessories can be returned within 30 days of purchase (with a receipt) opened or unopened and the adpapter is classified as an accessory on their website. I was fully expecting the store to fight me on it but I returned mine locally no problem. 


I think at this point it's time to call a spade a spade. HTC straight up scammed us. 

1. How is it possible that this issue wasn't identified prior to release? They literally had to test system compatibility for two CPU manufacturers

2) How did they come up with minimum system requirement for AMD if it isn't even compatible? 

3) Why haven't they disclosed the root cause of the issue and what they are doing to address it? 

4) Why are the still publishing the same system requirements when they are fully aware that it is innaccurate? 


If this was an honest mistake they would be transparent about how this all happened, what they are doing about it, and disclose this information to potential buyers so they don't end up with a $300 paper weight like us. 


For everyone who can't return yours, I highly suggest you dispute the charge with your credit card company because this is a pretty clear cut case of fraud. 


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Success until my battery drained out


Changed one thing. The motherboard.


My Original build:

Ryzen 7 2700x

Gigabyte x470 Aorus 7 Wifi Rev 1 Bios F5

32GB Trident Z RGB 3200 MHz

RTX 2080

GTX 1070



I spoke to a certain game dev on reddit  (you're the bomb man) and he told me he had zero issues with his ASRock AB350  Pro 4 Motherboard. I just happen to have one laying around so I gave it a go.



Lo and behold it works, and it's ALMOST a solution for me. (more on that later)


I updated the MOBO Bios to ver 5.10 as it did not support my Ryzen 7 2700x out of the box. But I tested it with the following configs


16Gb Reident Z RGB

RTX 2080


Stock BIOS settings, no PCIe 3.0 force, no over or under clocks. Minus updating the BIOS to support Pinnacle Ridge everything was left alone!


Once with a Ryzen 5 1600x and once with a Ryzen 7 2700x


I was able to play until my battery died with zero issues, no cutoffs no lag, it was great!


Why does this not work for me? Well, The main reason is because I have 5 monitors, and that requires alot of ports, hence the 2 GPUs. On this motherboard if you use an M.2 drive, wether boot or not, it will disable the second 16x PCIe slot.  So I am left at a similar conundrum as before: Do I give up some monitors for now or what?

Very first world problem yes but my point here is I shouldnt have to sacrifice my displays to be able to use the product. 


Nontheless if any if you have an ASRock AB350 Pro 4 laying around (I got mine for free when buying a newegg GPU) give it a shot! It worked on Zen 1 and Zen + for me after a bios update. 





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I very similar parts, but I unfortunately can't confirm this as working.

My Specs:

Ryzen 7 1700X

Asrock AB350 PRO4

Nvidia GTX1070ti


A PCIe USB Adapter (I got this initially to help with Bandwith problems with the vive)


My last tests were still with the Mobo on v5.00, but when I saw your comment I got hope and tested again with v5.10 installed. 

After ~15 Minutes of testing in Jet Island, I started up Sairento (via Steam Home in HMD) - and it locked up the system while loading up.


What Slots did you use on your machine?


I will test around a bit further, esp. since I'll have to test again without the PCIe USB card installed.


Also as a side note: If you use the second M.2 Slot it does not disable the second PCIex16 Slot. I haven't looked into performance yet, but it felt like no difference in the second slot.


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I have Azrock AB350 PRO4


At first I had frequent BSOD but I could play 10-30 min. After moving the WIGIG card to another slot the problem gut much worse, then moved again and it seemed a lot better. I have not had a BSOD in several weeks... HOWEVER If I play for 1+ hour there is a good chance the screen in the headset will go GRAY and I cannot see anything. The game is still running,  I can hear sounds, see the mirror screen on the PC and the controllers seem to function but there is no way to get the display working. Unplugging and re-powering up the display doesn not help. I have to shut down SteamVR and wireless and start everything over again. 


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I just purchased the following.  Has it been reported having issues?

Ryzen 5 2600 3.4GHz 6 Core AM4 Boxed Processor with Wraith Stealth Cooler