Windows 10 Black Screen on boot


Windows 10 Black Screen on boot

I was wondering if this was a common issue, ot just one I'm having?


If I've forgotten to turn off the Vive over night etc and leave the Vive headset powered when I boot windows, instead of going to the login screen my monitor just gets a black screen with no mouse. There is no image on the Vive either. I can login and Alt F4 to shut down again, but if the Vive is on, it always loads to black.


Anyone else having this? Is there a way to stop windows being confused? Not a massive issue, just curious.


Win 10 x64, RX 480

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Re: Windows 10 Black Screen on boot

It typically comes down to BIOS settings, GPU, or Windows display`

settings but solving this issue hugely varies between OEM's. It typically is just easiest to unplug the Vive when preforming a reboot since there is no simple solution. What is likely happening is that windows is entering an extended mode when it should keep the HMD in direct mode. 

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Re: Windows 10 Black Screen on boot

I get that from time to time with Windows 10 when my HMD (any HMD) is plugged in to the USB port. Windows 10 normally will start with the little circle going around and around, the odd time it doesn't even appear and just sits there doing nothing. When this happens, I just press the "Reset" button on my tower case and let the computer do a full reboot and windows 10 will normally load then. I don't seem to have that problem when the HMD is unplugged from the USB port however.

Regards: Jack