Vive pro in Alienware R4 GTX 1080

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Vive pro in Alienware R4 GTX 1080

Hi any one got the vive pro working on an 17 R4 gtx 1080 via MDP or thunderbolt

having all sorts of issue know it’s posble but keep getting compositer errors 306

suspect drivers but can’t get to bottoms of it

have got it recognised as second display on mdp but no output as laptop won’t let me extend is show as connected to the gtx 1080

app show device as green audio work etc

tried most of the usb trick reinstalling etc but nothing

tried recmnded 4K cakes and adapters

think it cold be nvide drivers fowling up the mdp for the pro

previosly had standard viv eworkin fine on the so it was never freshly installed ?!?



Re: Vive pro in Alienware R4 GTX 1080

Hi I been having the same problem and what I did was just restart Steam VR and turn off your hub 1st and then once VR is up, start your Hub try that it helped me. I think steam vr hangs up some times.