Vive model nos and differences between them?

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Vive model nos and differences between them?

I am unable to find proper reliable infomation on what model nos are avialable for HTC vive (excluding PRO) and what are the difference between those models.


What is the model no of $499 vive being sold at the online store here, is this the latest one with all general accessories?

I also came across the best buy store listing for the product here


It says 

  • Model: 99HALN00200
  • SKU: 5901551

Is it the same as the latest model being sold here? on best buy under specifications-> Included it says "No" for "Motion Tracking Sensors Included"

So is there a model without motion tracker sensors (lighthouse) ?




I'm a bit confused here

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Re: Vive model nos and differences between them?



I'm not sure why it says that, but the only commercially available SKUs for Vive kits include the HMD, controllers and base stations. There are no SKUs that have only the HMD and controllers and omitt the base stations. It wouldn't function at all without them, so you'd imagine that there wouldn't be any positive reviews on the product if that was the case!

Arguably, the tracking technology isn't what we generally mean when we talk about motion tracking, but I suppose that's really just semantics. (By that I mean, it's not like a Kinect sensor, or a gesture recognition camera. It requires the actual IR sensors on the HMD and controllers to track positioning.)

Getting off topic.


In any case, yes, the base stations will be included in that kit. Good find on that though, I'll see if we can get them to update it to reduce confusion.

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