Vive Tracker Not Tracking issue


Vive Tracker Not Tracking issue

Hi Guys, 


I'm using an application with 2 Trackers. (Works only when 2 trackers are connected).
Although I'm able to Connect both Trackers in SteamVR, and the app shows green for both trackers, but still I'm not able to run the application. 
When looked at the Log file, I can see the issue saying "tracker not tracking". 

Conditions and Solutions attempted:
I tried both 1.0 and 2.0 trackers, reinstalled the SteamVR app and reverted to Original version of Steam VR not Beta. Both Base stations are in Green, Headset is working fine. 

Can someone help me, please. 


Vive Staff

Re: Vive Tracker Not Tracking issue


 The current SteamVR live branches from the last few weeks have shown to be unstable with Tracker. Valve has created a temporary branch of SteamVR from June - can you please try this backup branch and tell me if it alters your behavior? SteamVR v1527117754 Branch Added

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