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I had tried running as admin but that didn't work for me.  What did work in the end was to reset my default browser to Internet Explorer. I normally use Opera but after that, it installed fine.  I did notice, even though I already have Steam and it says, "Steam software found", it acts like it's installing something but just sits idle.  Once I plugged in my Vive headset the installation completed fine.   Good luck and see y'all out there.


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Whenever I try to install the vive software, everything works well for about 5 seconds, then it crashes.
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@DEV241, can you please search your PC for "Viveport Feedback" and use that tool to submit an error report? Logs/Error reports are really the best way to troubleshoot these kinds of errors. 

To reach Viveport's customer service team, email

To connect with a live support agent for hardware support, go to, click on "contact us" in the top righthand corner, and then opt to speak with a Live Chat agent

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I had the same problem (Vive was looking  for an update, but hung on some firewall settings).


Solution: Used a different internet, i.e. made a hotspot on my phone, used this on my computer, works!


Maybe this helps.


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Re: Vive Software Not Installing

I also hit the same issue. I have no idea why this happens but follow below steps reinstall fix it


1. Uninstall “VIVE Software” from control panel

2. Download Microsoft force uninstall tool from

3. Execute this tool. Force uninstall “HTC Account” and “VIVEPORT XXXX”

4. Open file explorer, go to folder %temp%

5. Delete all folders that prefix is “vive”

6. Install vive setup again



Re: Vive Software Not Installing

I spent like 7 hours (actually more than seven hours) trying to fix this, and had ZERO success, using the uninstall tool on the Vive desktop app specifically is what fixed it for me, and I never would have found this without you, so thank you so much for finding this, I am nominating you for sainthood.