Ryzen & Wireless adapter, months later. Any 2019 update?


Ryzen & Wireless adapter, months later. Any 2019 update?

Greetings all, I am one of the few with a working board that allows me to use my wireless adapter. 

Unfortunately this board (ASRock AB350 Pro 4) did not support all of my hardware and some sacrifices were made. My good motherboard (Gigabyte x470 Aorus Gaming 7) has been collecting dust on a shelf ever since. I know the return policy is in place and I know its been narrowed down to motherboards not CPUs. 


Just wondering if HTC by any chance had a glimpse of the future and hopefully good news to share as to the progress made in the research?


Thanks ahead.

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Re: Ryzen & Wireless adapter, months later. Any 2019 update?



Please see our announcement from April 25, 2019 announcing a test of a hotfix:


We are continuing to investigate compatibility issues with VIVE Wireless Adapter and certain computers running AMD processors.


BSOD/Freezing issues may be encountered when the PCIe card is installed and setup. We have partnered with Intel and AMD to develop and test a hotfix for this issue that will be deployed to the VIVE Wireless Adapter Connection Utility on April 25.


To ensure you have the latest 1.20190410.0 update, click on the “Update now” button in your VIVE Wireless Adapter Connection Utility. This will walk through updating the software, including the hotfix for this issue.


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