Re order status / Pro Full Kit


Re order status / Pro Full Kit

Quick question, in regards to working hours etc, placed an order yesterday for the "In Stock" full pro kit, and yet order is still "In Review", I havent even recieded an email confirming I placed the order.  I had presumed, maybe wrongfully "In Stock" would avoid the whole, you may get one one day if we get around to it thing, can anyone say what the deal is with orders these days, is it still months of waiting for something listed as available? 


Also, its only a day so, how long before reaching out to support with my order number to find out whats being reviewed about it, couple days, three, a week?  It was an impulse purchase for the family for christmas, if thats not going to happen would rather know now as it was going to be a suprise and nothing arriving in time would be a hell of a suprise. 

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Re: Re order status / Pro Full Kit



Please PM me with your order number.

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