Pro set not detected helppp


Pro set not detected helppp

i have the vive pro set and i dont have a display port. i do have a mini display port but dumb best buy doesnt have mini dp to mini dp so i had to buy a mini dp to HDMI to HDMI to mini dp. ive tried using this "setup" but it says steam detects the headset but not the digital output. ive talked to vive support 2 times now and they "avoid" my question and give me a sulution to a diffrent thing i never asked. please help me 


Re: Pro set not detected helppp

@Axle  I think that's because the pinout doesn't map directly between dp and hdmi.  I've learned that when it comes to cables, physical connection is only 1 part of the equation.  Go save yourself a headache and buy a mini-dp to mini-dp cable from amazon or something.

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Re: Pro set not detected helppp


The Vive Pro is a Displayport 1.2+ device. It is simply not compatible with any HDMI device, cable, converter, or adapter. The reason you're seeing this error is due to the fact that HDMI is simply unable to handle the signal required to drive the Pro and you cannot successfully use an HDMI device at any point in the signal chain. We are recommending the 3 foot variation of the following mDP->mDP cable as it's the most reliable we've found to date and it's under $10: Not all mDP cables are equal, if you try to use a cable other than the one recommended, ensure that it can support 4K signals at a minimum of 20gbps and is no more than 6 feet long. 

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