Keep getting a grey screen.


Keep getting a grey screen.

Hello im having an issue with my Vive going grey over and over again. Another problem is sometimes my hands will float away and be stuck like 10' away from me.

I've marked center in my floor and created a perfect square giving me exactly 14' from 1 lighthouse to the other. The lighthouses are mounted upside down using the included brackets. I've ran the sync cable from 1 to the other and placed 1 device on channel else A and the other device on channel B.

I've tried pulling the USB cable from the USB 3.0 plug I originally had it in and going to Dev options and removing all the drivers and then plugging the USB cable back into a USB 2.0 on the back of the computer.

Multiple restarts and reconfiguring the room. I've also use an app on my phone and an actual level to ensure that the lighthouses are angled 45 degrees and are pointing towards each other.

I just bought the system about 2 weeks ago and so far this has been a constant struggle.

Here is an image of my setup if it will help.

Also the temp in my house is about 65 degrees right now so I don't think it's the ambient temperature.

Re: Keep getting a grey screen.

That TV looks reflective. Glass doors, maybe, too. Lights off is better for tracking.
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Re: Keep getting a grey screen.


Your hands flying away from you is a pretty classic symptom of an environmental reflection problem. You can typically guess where the reflective spot is based on the direction the fly towards. 


+1 on the TV being really reflective. This video shows a simple method for using any flashlight such as that on a cellphone to debug reflections. The floor itself is also pretty reflective which could certainly be the cause of the issue.


If you have any high-draw electrical appliances such as an HVAC system; those flipping on and affecting your houses' circuitry is also a known issue of similar behaviors (I mention this because you say you're hovering around 65F). 

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After experiencing serious controller tracking issues I came up with a method for detecting reflections in the play area using a strobing headlamp. After covering the picture frame and other reflective surfaces with a sheet, my Vive controllers track perfectly.