HTC Vive stuttering when moving, can fix but don't know why


HTC Vive stuttering when moving, can fix but don't know why

I got my Vive a few days ago, and for the first 2 days, it worked perfectly. But starting yesterday, I noticed when I first logged on to SteamVR, moving my head caused some stuttering. My hand movements were lagging as well. I loaded into BeatSaber, and it was so untolerably stuttering. I then tried VRChat, and the frame counter barely hit 30. I restarted my computer a few times, tried closing all unnecessary applications, set priority for all the VR stuff to high. None of that really worked. Finally after I think 3 or 4 reboots, I loaded into SteamVR and it seemed fine. It stayed that way for the rest of the night.

Today, I'm having the same issues and I've already rebooted a few times. At this point, I want to solve the problem, not get lucky with reboots. I'm not sure if there's a certain order I need to go through, or if there's some driver or something that I need. I've set all my power options to optimal performance. I've already downloaded the most up to date drivers from Nvidia, but even that shouldn't really matter since it's been working before and after that happened. I don't think I really did anything differently between the reboot where it didn't stutter and the reboot that made it smooth.

Also, as a side note, when it was stuttering, I noticed that my CPU / GPU usage was abnormally low. It was almost like my hardware wasn't being used.



GPU-GTX 1060 6GB

RAM-16GB 2800MHz


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Re: HTC Vive stuttering when moving, can fix but don't know why



A couple possibilities, but my first guess is make sure you don't have any spyware/malware eating up your system resources. If you haven't already, make sure your BIOS is fully up to date. And if possible, please run a benchmark for your system and make sure your GPU and CPU are performing within the expected range for their model.

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Re: HTC Vive stuttering when moving, can fix but don't know why



Adding onto this, please open SteamVR -> Settings and let us know what the frame timing graph in the bottom lefthand corner looks like. If you're above 11.1ms, it means your GPU is failing to hit 90fps. In that corner, you can also quickly reference if you have motion smoothing on. 

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