HTC Vive causing PC to crash/shutoff on specific games

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HTC Vive causing PC to crash/shutoff on specific games

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Vive crashes my computer when playing keyboard/mouse games like Elite: Dangerous or The Forest. Plays for about 30 minutes before a complete shutdown like someone pulled the power plug. This isn't a BSOD or CTD, its a flat power failure. I normally have to cycle the switch on my PSU to turn my computer back on.


I've followed the advice on the above post to buy the USB expansion card mentioned there, but the game still crashes (I got about double the play time though). I'm fairly certain this is not a heat related issue as I've stress tested my PC for over an hour running Intel Burn Test and FurMark simultaneously to max CPU and GPU temps. Other VR games that don't use keyboard/mouse (BeatSaber, The Lab) will play for hours without issue.


How can I generate log files or dump reports to see what is causing the crashes? If it really is the USB drivers (asmedia) is there something else I need to do like uninstall drivers, edit registers, or disable motherboard ports?



Asus M5A97 R2.0 motherboard

FX-6350 3.9Ghz 6-core processor

16gb DDR3 Corsair ram

Nvidia GT 1070 TI graphics card

256GB AData SSD

Inutek USB 3.0 Expansion card

Rosewill 650W Bronze-certified PSU

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Re: HTC Vive causing PC to crash/shutoff on specific games

@senseofadventure, this is more consistant with a hardware shutoff than a software issue. I would look into monitoring your thermal readings (Open Hardware Monitor is free) more closely. Your BIOS or GPU settings may be limiting the voltage applied to the fans. You could also have a bum PSU.  In Windows 10, error logs can be found by searching for the "Event Viewer" - Your BIOS may also be generating logs but it will be very OEM specific. SteamVR will likely not show relevant errors if it's heat related but you can find them by going to "generate system report" under the SteamVR desktop dropdown menu. 

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