Grey screen cut out after about 5 mins.


Re: Grey screen cut out after about 5 mins.

I'm having the same issues.  I've had my vive since launch and it was fine at first but i've started to notice issues about 6 months ago.  Frequent grey screens for about 20 seconds followed by the windows "USB disconnect" sound then a "Reconnect sound" and the screen would come back.  This is now happening ever 2 mins or so.  I have tried a new PC with a 1080 ti and still no luck.  Help?

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Re: Grey screen cut out after about 5 mins.



I would check the cables if that's happening. Power and data. Make sure everything is secure and definitely try swapping cables or bypassing the linkbox to isolate it.

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If your base station has a Fault 02/03 error or a red light or both, the ONLY solution is to contact our support on and set up an RMA. There is no user fix for this issue.

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Re: Grey screen cut out after about 5 mins.

Did you have any luck resolving this?  I am having a similar problem.


Re: Grey screen cut out after about 5 mins.

Any updates to this? I am also having a very similar issue with the HTC Pro. The screen will turn all grey after about 5 min of play and will only come back if I reboot SteamVR or the breakout box.  The controllers and base stations remain green but the headset goes to flashing green and says "connected but tracking lost".  Searching around the forums it seems like a few people have had this issue.  I have tried reinstalling SteamVR, disconnecting all other USB devices, disconnecting all secondary monitors, removing and reinstalling the headset USB devices, updating drivers, and even covering my windows.  All the same result, the headset will work perfectly for ~5min and then lose tracking.


I have a Win10 PC (fresh install), AMD2600X, Geforce1080, 16GB RAM,  and a ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F motherboard.