Front Defense will not start - Viveport subscription


Front Defense will not start - Viveport subscription

I have been a Viveport subscriber for a few months now.  This month one of my games Front Defense will not start.  And I keep getting this error message:-


Windows could not find file: C:Users/User/Appdata/local/temp/.vpD6D6.tmp/frontdefense.exe

My default Viveport folder is actually my E:/ not the C:/

Even if I directly start it thru double clicking on: E:/Games/viveport/.../frontdefense.exe

I've also tried reinstalling it twice.


Any ideas, I've contacted support thru chat twice will no luck either...

frontdefense.pngError Message

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Re: Front Defense will not start - Viveport subscription



One thing to be sure about: make sure you've run and installed games as an Administrator. If you don't, there's a chance that key files won't be installed and this could happen.


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If your base station has a Fault 02/03 error or a red light or both, the ONLY solution is to contact our support on and set up an RMA. There is no user fix for this issue.

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Re: Front Defense will not start - Viveport subscription

I just spent 2.5 hrs downloading WE ARE STARS only to get same error!

The file path suggests its looking for a file in a temp folder,er im not an expert but temp folder are usually er... temporary.

The games install automatically,so how do you install as admin????

Also the user quoted he has been running game no problem.



The folder.vpf13c.tmp exists and is 1.4 gb in size but is a shoertcut not a folder.error2.png

Please tell me how to fix,or unsubscribe this app from my subscription.

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Re: Front Defense will not start - Viveport subscription

@Thack @brit_orc This seems to be a new behavior and we'll bring it to the attention of our engineer team. Do you have any additional information that they can use to replicate the problem? Are you both on r1076? Have you tried launching the .exe directly from the Viveport library? It should be in a folder named "a46fd3fc-6f23-4116-82cf-1e2de7c67da4"

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Re:We are stars will not run

Yes running latest Release r1076 and yes Ive tried running directly from the viveport library folder, with and without admin privelages, but same get same error.

It creates the temp shortcut,if i right click the shortcut it says its looking for HTC_VIVE device, I assume this is a mounted volume,heres the properties of the shortcut in the temp folder it creates.



Re: Front Defense will not run

1 year later and still same problem. Even starting the game as administrator it doesn't start.