Error 208 (HDMI not detected)


Error 208 (HDMI not detected)

Hello Guys


I tried everything in the net to fix this problem


 - Turn off power saving from the USB ports
 - Reinstall GPU drivers
 - Unplug and plug back in every way
 - Reinstall SteamVR

 - Reinstall Drivers from VIVE
 - Use all kinds of different HDMI cables

 - Using HDMI adaptors

 - Disable and Enable DIRECT mode
 - Turn of an on power from the Device
 - Plugin in the HDMI and USB directly from headset ignoring the linkbox


Nothing seems to work, here some pictures


Re: Error 208 (HDMI not detected)

Seeing your graphic card ports I can imagine you have your Vive connected in other port.


Make sure both the monitor and Vive are connected to the graphic card not the motherboard.

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Re: Error 208 (HDMI not detected)

Hi @Hersonrock,


Thank you!




Please go over the troubleshooting steps below:

Error 208 (HMD detected over USB, but monitor not found)


Error 208 is a generic HMD error message. This error can have a number of solutions, so please work from the list below to make sure you've attempted all available solutions:

  • Make sure that your Vive’s link box and the monitor or TV you use as a primary display are plugged into the same graphics card. If you are connected to your onboard display adapter, you will see an Intel HD Graphics device listed in your SteamVR system report. Onboard cards, such as those connected to a PC’s motherboard, will not be powerful enough to use the Vive. Reconnect your Vive to your PC’s dedicated graphics card.
  • Check to make sure you are in Direct Mode by going to Settings > Developer > Direct Mode. Click the button that says “Enable Direct Mode.” SteamVR will restart with this setting.
  • If Direct Mode is not enabled, SteamVR will still work in Extended mode. For this to work correctly, make sure your displays are extended in Windows > Display Settings.
  • Make sure all cables are connected firmly. The power cord on the HMD itself can become loose from usage. To check this, remove the cable panel on top of the HMD by pushing it forward.
  • Make sure your Link Box is installed in the correct direction. The orange tipped cables from the Headset should be connected to the orange ports on the Link Box.
  • Check to make sure you have the latest video drivers.

Re: Error 208 (HDMI not detected)

Concur with Hersonrock... looks like you only have one device connected to your graphics card... so that's either your monitor or your Vive using an adapter for some reason... instead of plugging into that HDMI output port right above where your one device is plugged in.

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Re: Error 208 (HDMI not detected)

I would also add on, that display adapters are pretty hit and miss with the Vive so plug the HDMI lead directly into the GPU's HDMI out rather than using any sort of converter. 

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Re: Error 208 (HDMI not detected)

I have same problem on my vive and I tried all your recommandations but it not work.
I think I Will send back or sell my vive and buy oculus.

Re: Error 208 (HDMI not detected)

Did it work? I am getting the same problems. Nothing has worked so far. Should i refund and get an oculus?