DELL INSPIRON 7577 stuttering when moving head (VIVE PRO)

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DELL INSPIRON 7577 stuttering when moving head (VIVE PRO)

I have the dell inspiron 7577 with the following specs.


GTC 1060 with max Q design

i7-7700 HQ CPU @ 2.8GHZ




and we have the vive pro


The laptop does not have a display port only a usb c. So i bought a usb c to mini display port cable off amazon.


Firstly the vive setup does not pick up the headset when the cable is plugged in but the headset still works and i can get into the house and play games as usual. However the headset constantly stutters when looking around. Is there a fix for this? It stutters even when no game is launched and you looking around the cliff house.


If we use the headset on a desktop pc with the normal display port to display port we have no issues/


Any help would be great. 




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Re: DELL INSPIRON 7577 stuttering when moving head (VIVE PRO)

@Naidu Consulting

Make sure your GPU drivers are up to date first. You can also adjust your Supersampling to improve performance.

  1. Open the SteamVR desktop client.
  2. Expand the SteamVR drop-down menu.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Switch to the Developer tab.
  5. Find the section titled Supersampling.
  6. Move the slider to the right to increase the rendered resolution, or move the slider left to decrease the rendered resolution.

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Re: DELL INSPIRON 7577 stuttering when moving head (VIVE PRO)

@Naidu Consulting,

I'm almost certain this due to your GPU. The Vive Pro is very demanding and it really doesn't get smooth/stable on most PCs until you're using a 1070. You can try the new motion smoothing option in combination with using the Global resolution (aka supersampling) override setting on the "Video" tab of SteamVR to reduce the demand on the CPU.


On the bottom lefthand of the SteamVR settings page, you'll see a little graph called the frame timing graph. If you're above 11.1ms, you'll see stuttering.

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Re: DELL INSPIRON 7577 stuttering when moving head (VIVE PRO)

Hi David,


Thanks for the reply. I put the graph up and in the cliff house it stays below 11 but the graph shows many red lines inbetween the green peaks.


For now i've given up using the laptop and using our desktop pc.


Thanks again