Choppy Preformance with Wirless Adapter


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Hello, after waiting for the technical service to respond again, I see the thread with system requirements to which they fixed the problem of pixels and image jumps, I am disappointed, that the company does not say the necessary requirements for it to work correctly or do not find a correct solution.
Thanks for the information, gentlemen and for what I see, I improve my CPU. this is not going to work well ever.

Motherboard GA-Z170X-UD5
Ram 16 Gb
Intel Core i5 6600 3.50 Ghz
Windows 10 64 bits

Greetings and thanks


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It's my turn to be angry. Finally i've got my Wireless Adapter and it's completely unusable. First time when i tried to turn it on it was horrible. A picture in my headset was very pixelated and unstable. I spend some time here to find a solution and tried a different slot, sofware update. After all i have a playable picture, when my cpu is not heavy loaded. But even then it looks like another layer of screen door effect. It's very obvious when you look at black parts of a picture.AWymQRP

Tomorrow i played an hour with my wireless adapter. It was not bad. My cpu load was low, i had minimum pixelization. But today i see my red eyes in a mirror. It never happened before.

Now a understand that every time when i have low fps my picture turns to pixels. Even with 90 fps i see the artifacts (Like on the picture).

I think Htc Vireless Adapter has completely wrong system requirements and a huge amount of problems with hardware and software.

And there is no guarantee that situation can be solved...


Intel Xeon E3-1230 V2 3.30GHz

16 Gb ram

GTX 1070


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This is likely to be buried, but here is what happened to me and what I did to fix it.


I've only had wireless for a couple of weeks.  I would sometimes get the low resolution thing, but it wasn't consistent.  I use GPU-Z to monitor all my video card readings and noticed that my card wasn't maxing out.  In fact it was sometimes sitting around 50% total power.  That would make you think that you've got plenty of power to push VR right?  

Well, in my case I found that GPU-Z was reporting my limit was VREL (Voltage Reliability).  In a nutshell that means that the VRM's (voltage regulator modules) on the GPU can't push voltage any higher, thus limiting performance.  There are only a few things that we can do to help things.  You can manually increase fan speeds (which is easy) or you can pull your card apart and replace the TIM (thermal interface material) that connects your VRM to your cooler.  VRM temperature isn't directly reported to GPU-Z.  So if you are having a VRM issue and you increase fan speed and your performance improves, that's a very good indicator that you've got a VRM overtemp issue.  

I ended up replacing the stock cooler with an aftermarket cooler and adding heat sinks to the VRM's.  My wireless is now flawless.

TIM type will vary per GPU, but it can be bought for around $10.  You may need a couple different thicknesses based on your GPU.  

System Specs:

I5-4670k, GTX 980 4GB, 8GB system RAM, Gigabyte Z87M-D3H mobo


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Your CPU is below minimum requirements. The Wireless VR is very heavy on CPU and it sounds like your potato will not run it well.


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Thanks for help with cpu!


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Ok so, looks like I am not the only one with this weird problem!!

Adapter worked just fine for a while with no hiccups, then all of a sudden I started getting micro stutter lag, I have tried moving the card into all of my pcie slots with luck, all pcie is set to 3.0 aswell.

gpu: GTX 1080

cpu: i7 9700k

board: Aorus z390 ELITE

Changing super sampling has NO effect, and my CPU is not even at 100% when the lag happens.


What happened? Is it nvidia drivers? Is it a steamvr update?


I am this close to selling my wireless adapter on ebay, this is a joke for the price that I paid for this.


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Re: Choppy Preformance with Wirless Adapter

So, I bought RTX 2080 Ti and now works fine...

Now I have 9900k, 2080 Ti and I think these are the minimum requirements.


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I have also seen this behavior with the Vive Wireless over thunderbolt 3 on a laptop. CPU usage is usually high, but it drops frames and resolution (I assume to the minimum allowed) to maintain performance. 

Razer blade Pro i7/GTX 1080 in performance mode (slight OC) with a Razer Core V1 (4 TB3 PCI lanes)

Issue not present on similar desktop with wireless.


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Just found this. Setting vrcompositor and vrserver priority high in task manager reduce pixilation and stutter issue. Hope this will help.



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Just recently bought the wireless adapter now that HTC reckon they have fixed the BSOD issues with AMD processors. No BSOD issues, but I was experiencing severe blocky and choppy performance all the time. After several hours of testing, I boosted the priority of the vrcompositor and vrserver processes and it improved things somewhat. However, disabling AMD hyperthreading seems to have cured the issue completely. I now only get occasional blips.

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I am also having this issue.
I have just put together my dream machine specifcally for this.
I am so disappointed right now.


Symptoms: (none of these occur if I use a wired connection):
Constant greying and blacking out
Choppy graphics
Floor level different every time I start BeatSaber (Room Setup run countless times)
Laggy controllers
Unplayable games
Utter, utter frustration


CPU (i9 9900X): 30 to 40%
GPU: RTX 2080 Ti: Barely used
Win10 Pro


Clear line of sight from transmitter
Different connection modes tried
No other apps running
Camera and Bluetooth turned off
Windows, Steam and all drivers up to date
Vive Wireless shows 4 bars

I am struggling to see why Vive think it is acceptable to release such sub-standard hardware. This is a disgrace.


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Pretty long thread, but hopefully others will find this.  I had issues with a laggy/stuttering/choppy image, however you want to describe it.  Ultimately I found I just needed to turn VSync off in Nvidia Control Panel.  Worked as advertised after that.


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If you need to turn off V-sync in the control panel, then you've got another issue. You need to enable direct mode in SteamVR settings. Any vsync control in Nvidia settings should not affect your headset. Direct mode also increases performance.