Can i run Vive


Can i run Vive

Im thinking about buying a vive someday

But i dont know if it would run...


Processor: I7 3770

Graphics Card: Gtx 1050

Ram: 8GB

Also the steamvr performance test says that its upper capable. When i have everyhing close beyond that

Also ive done the compatibility test it says it should be compatible.

But my friend keeps saying that It would be hella laggy.

Note: I've already posted this on general discussions but i think it would be better here.

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Re: Can i run Vive

@Anderko123, I would not recommending using a Vive with a 1050. The current minimum is listed as a 1060. Some users have been able to get it to work with a 1050 or 1050gtx, but in many of cases I've seen, SteamVR won't even allow the HMD to begin a session with many common 1050 chipsets. 

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