Camera and mic not working on Vive


Camera and mic not working on Vive

Hi, it's been a while, I've had a good period of owning the Vive without any issues, but I have suddenly noticed that I don't seem to have a working mic and the camera won't work for my Vive headset.  Following advice from users on the internet I have tried unplugging and plugging in the link box in different USB ports. I'm not exactly the most technical of people when it comes to the innards of my PC, but I have heard that this issue arises because of the type of USB port used and the bandwidth each supports.

The rest of the features for the Vive work fine and I could had sworn that going back a couple of months ago, the camera worked fine due to using it on Steam VRs dashboard, I can't say the same for the Vive's mic, because I've always disabled it due to capturing footage and not wanting to hear my heavy breathing over the game audio. But it does seem pretty weird that neither the mic or camera seem to function anymore. I'm trying a full reinstall of the Vive software and see if that does any good.

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Re: Camera and mic not working on Vive

@Freker, This is typically symptomatic of USB incompatibility. Some USB ports may be controlled by the processor while others are controlled by a third party USB host controller (such as ASmedia). You can try switching USB ports around until you potentially find one that works. Another lead would be to go into the developer tab of SteamVR's settings and finding the option "remove all SteamVR USB Devices". Unplug the HMD before selection that option, allow for it to process, and then reconnect your HMD which should begin reinstalling the drivers automatically. 

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