Base Station 2.0 Loud Buzzing Noise

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Base Station 2.0 Loud Buzzing Noise

Hi guys,


Today I bought a HTC Vive Pro kit and everything was working fine until I plugged in the power cable of one of my Base Stations 2.0. Once I plugged the power cable into one It hardly made a sound but then once I connected the power cable into the other one It has started to make a very loud constant buzzing noise (just like seen in this video)


Can you guys please advise me on what I need to do? Should I return It and get It replaced? If so how do I even go about that?


Thank you

it worked fine at the beginning.. then it started to make some low noise. with every day the noise got louder and now i can only play like 30mins before it gets unbearable. seems to be some case vibration as it goes away when i squeeze it. its way louder irl as it seems to be in this video.
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Re: Base Station 2.0 Loud Buzzing Noise

@Bobo > Granny I've PM'ed you with additional info 

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Re: Base Station 2.0 Loud Buzzing Noise

Yeah same exact thing happened to me any updates on yours?



Re: Base Station 2.0 Loud Buzzing Noise

I have the same issue after 2 days. It’s like the vibration from startup only louder and it doesn’t stop. :-(