Almost 2 month repair time

Almost 2 month repair time

Hi, I've sent in my HTC vive base station on November 23rd, and was told the repair time would take approximately 2 weeks, and so I was okay with that. 


After two weeks of checking on the status of the repair, it has not moved from the "device recieved" status. So I contacted HTC support to check on it, and they told me that they had system problems and that there was delays, so I told them that it was okay, and let them continue their work. 


But now almost two months have passed and the last status I was left with as by one of the support technicians was that it was "scanned" and it has not moved past that. I'm really getting frustrated with how long this is taking and I don't think I appreciate the lack of urgency that has been shown to me. I would like to know what is going on and to get the base station taken care of. 


Re: Almost 2 month repair time

You and I both buddy. Take a ticket and have a seat.


I've been waiting for 11 weeks for them to resolve my 2.0 base station RMA with no end in sight.