8 base station vive pro


8 base station vive pro

Hello! I have a problem with setting up base stations 2.0


I use:

4x HTC Vive pro

8x Base Station 2.0


37x vive tracker

Steam VR v1.2.10


 At first I had problems with the geometry of base stations, 2 or even 3 base stations were in non-existent places on a 2d map.


After many long days and hours, I managed to set it up as in the screenshot.

My HTC Vive pro sees from 4 to 8 base stations, but still there are problems with the image.


In general, the picture is not stable!
How do I set everything up? Can add 2 more stations?)
We have a ceiling of 3.5 meters)

Another question is how do I copy the settings of the base stations to another PC? What would not do extra work?

I need your help, can there be any special software?cvYg-76JwW0.jpgIMG_20190326_022632.jpgthank:smileyhappy:




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Re: 8 base station vive pro



I will send you a detailed reply via our developer support ticketing system but I wanted to make a few public comments for anybody who may be in a similar situation:

  • A SteamVR instance can currently only accept data from the first 4 basestations that it sees during a session that were also observed as being visible during the SteamVR roomsetup set (it will denote itself as being "observed in a tracked session". A SteamVR instance can only concurrently accept data from 4 stations, not 8.
  • Don't put 2.0 basestations in a 90 degree right angle corner unless you absolutely have to. They have a 150 degree horizontal FOV and if you place them in a corner, you're cutting off a huge portion of their FOV and severely limiting their coverage. 
  • There's not a fantastic way to share the complete SteamVR roomsetup config between PC's. In short, the best way to attempt to achieve this is to copy the elements within SteamVR's configuration folder that are generated by the room setup which define the tracking universe. You would first generate a master room-setup on a PC and then copy the following two files from the master PC onto the other clients (via flash drive or networked folder):
    •  <steam>/config/chaperone_info.vrchap
    • <steam>/config/lighthouse/lighthousedb.json
      • In a default install scenario, these are found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\config\lighthouse\lighthousedb.json
    • You can use tools like OpenVRAdvancedSettings to create and manage configurations on the fly. 
  • You're really bumping up agaist the number of bluetooth devices (vive trackers, controllers) you can have in a room. You will likely encounter  co-channel interference if you attempt to add more. 
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Re: 8 base station vive pro

Thank you, I will wait for more detailed advice on setting up.

To us two more base stations arrived, in the amount of 10 pieces.

In my experiments I want to achieve high-quality tracking for the game for 4 players.


Re: 8 base station vive pro

Hi, I'm just like you. Have you been able to solve it? I also want to place 8 sensors or more if necessary.