mixed reality with google tilt brush


mixed reality with google tilt brush

Hello everyone,

 I am using htc vive  device for google tilt brush application. I am trying to do mixed reality using green matt. Anybody know how i can achive mixed reality video effect. Is their any step by step guidance to make this done. Please help me for this.

Here is reference video




Re: mixed reality with google tilt brush

I think the devs that made job simulator have a guide and I'm sure HTC have a guide too. I'm on my phone now so can't find them but I'll look properly when I get home.

It involves a camera, capture card and a spare vive controller if I remember right.

I'll have look in a few hours if ya haven't found anything by then,


Re: mixed reality with google tilt brush

A new HTC Vive tool lets you mix real people into virtual reality worlds. All it takes is a green screen, a camera, a Vive system, some video editing know-how... and a lot of patience. Subscribe: http://goo.gl/G5RXGs Check out our full video catalog: http://goo.gl/lfcGfq Visit our playlists: ...

Re: mixed reality with google tilt brush

Yes right Jamie, In the requirements need one standby controller and capture card. But their are few of videos has same output without extra controller and capture card. So im curious about that, how they do it. If you know anything about this please let me know. Thanks for your reply.

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A bit late replying but I'm working through this at the moment as we have a tiltbrush artist who wants to use our green screen studio. This is where I've got to with my desk research... not easy but is doable if you have the right camera with a zoom...

Tiltbrush doesn't support the 4 way third controller output, but does have the static spectator camera output. Unfortunately the FOV is fixed at 80 degrees.

I'm lucky as I have an Pansaonic GH4 camera - with a 12-35mm lens, which at the wide end is 84 degrees, FOV. In theory zooming in a little should match the camera and spectator camera FOV and then its a case of making sure the camera is on a sturdy tripod and lining up the green screen and spectator camera correctly. You can do this by picking up the spectator camera using the Vive controller side grip buttons, flip up your headset and place the Vive circle on the front of the real cameral lens. You need to experiment to see exactly how the Vive controller relates to the spectator camera position, and may need to nudge the tripod a little. If it all works, I'll post some footage next time I'm in.

That the theory... but I was running some tests yesterday and I'd swear the FOV in Tiltbrush was higher than the GH4 at 12mm. I'll be experimenting with the video resolution and camera settings as it may be I'm losing the edges of the FOV when for example - enabling the in camera image stabilisation rather than optical lens based... neither of which is needed on a tripod but we usually shoot hand held!

We use a Elgato HD60S capture card on the GH4 and feed that into another PC, along with the output from the VR PC running Tiltbrush using OBS and Newtec NDI plugin to send across the network - saving having another capture card. But you can do it all on a single PC with decent specs. Our i7 6700k + 1080 manages it. We're looking to move to a black magic capture system as the Elgato is a bit laggy on our hand held MR videos - so you get mismatch in real / virtual hands when panning etc.

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Re: mixed reality with google tilt brush

Hey GrimGreener,  did you ever find an elegant solution?

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@cjspringer - Mixed reality with external hardware is still an adventure. Lately, I've been really liking the Liv client combined with OBS and a Go Pro for quick shoots - it has allowed for faster experimentation and works well with Tilt Brush. 

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Re: mixed reality with google tilt brush

You don't need a third controller nor additional tracker. Insude tiltbrush there is a option to position a stationary (or moving) virtual camera. Now all you have to do is to position virtual camera with physical and aligne them. Also it wolud be good for you using greenecreen so You can crop yourself out and merge virtual and physical camera feed togheter.